The best returns of the next 20 years will not come from the practices that created the returns of the last 20 years.

Who really changes the world?

Not government (not enough, anyway!). Founders. Founders create new innovation, jobs, and intergenerational wealth.

If we learned anything from 2020, it was the visceral pain that all types of Americans aren’t getting the solutions they need to thrive. 2020 grooved in us a need for change: change in our healthcare…

Why a venture capital reading list?

At first glance, a humble reading list seems a little retro for a venture capital firm. In practice, we find that much of the dialogue around VC and startups is on social media. Thus, it’s sliced, diced, and derivative. It’s hard to develop your own point of view as an…

Valor was founded in 2015 with the purpose of top returns for investors and the mission of making venture capital more inclusive. Our mission and purpose strengthen each other-the more we focus on inclusion, the stronger our opportunity for returns, as so many studies show.

Valor embraces a core truth many investors fail to live by — that inclusion is a risk factor controllable by investors.

Since we started 5 years…

The world just landed on your company’s door, a little stunned from a rough, pandemic-style skid landing. It’s sitting there, panting, looking around, wondering where to go.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s habits. Not just here, where you are, but all over the world. With all the virtual meeting platforms…

Lisa Calhoun

Founding general partner @ValorVC in Atlanta

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